Chinese American

surnames are …



family names

of Chinese origin.



 The surnames listed

on this site

were selected because

there is a

surname character

that represents

the actual

Chinese family name.

Spoken Chinese is divided

into several regional divisions

(e.g., Mandarin, Cantonese, etc.)…

So there can be a great diversity

in the pronunciation & spelling

for the exact same family name.

Different family names that have the same

or very similar pronunciation

will have the same spelling…

such as Li, which actually represents

six different family names.

Did you know that

the spelling for a

Chinese American


may not represent

an actual

Chinese family name?

Over 150 years of

Chinese immigrants

coming to America,

and the family names

they brought with them,

have contributed

to the evolution of Chinese

American Surnames

If you are looking for more information

about your family’s Chinese American surname,

We hope that you find the

information on this website

to be helpful, enlightening, and enjoyable!

Thank you for visiting our site.


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